Escorts in Norway

Finding escorts have never been easier. Even though the law seems to think otherwise.

More and more people take the red pill and start getting sick of the normal dating life. So they seek out escorts instead. And why wouldn’t they? Escorts can be found in a lot of places, they are not hard to find.

Some people like to call them callgirls, hookers, prostitutes, etc. But an Escort is not exactly the same thing!

An Escort sells her time, not her body. However what she does during the time that she sells is entirely up to her. Good right? Freedom for all parts, a good business transaction.

So how do you find an Escort in Bergen or maybe even Tromsø?

Well the first place you should go to is the internet of course! The internet offers many different sites that could help you find that blonde Norwegian beauty.

Some of the sites includes:

You could try any of these and you will find the girl to take home, or to a hotel.

Should you be worried? Maybe about getting sore on your dick? And STD from an escort is very rare. Escorts are normally very clean and they take care of their clients like boyfriends. Which is also something you can pay for, the boyfriend experience!

Either way, don’t be shy! Try an escort! It will change the way you look at life, pleasure and your own future.

This article was written by freelance journalist Michael from Bergen, Norway