One-night stand, overview

A one-night stand might be perfect for you. Right? For some people it’s exactly what they need, just some release. It’s right between being in a relationship and hiring an Escort. But what are the rules when it comes to One-night stands? Are the rules the same for women and men? How does it work?

Know when it’s time to leave

Waking up after a wild night out next to a stranger might not always be the best. Avoid awkward conversations by heading back home right away when waking up.

Don’t make yourself too comfortable

Relax, don’t walk around your new found friend’s home too much. Don’t snoop. Uncomfortable surprises are bound to occur.

Turn the TV on when you wake up

Finding conversation topics might be difficult when you’ve just woken up. Hopefully this person has a television in his or her bedroom. Just turn it on, this might make the situation a little more bearable.

Keep track of your clothes

It’s quite common to just throw your clothes off around the place when you are hot and heavy. But it’s quite important to know where you put them the morning after.

Don’t do breakfast or lunch together

Avoid eating breakfast och lunch together, unless you’re convinced you both are into each other. This could give false hopes for the other party that you are interested in further dates.

End it in style

You and your new bed-friend might exchange numbers before you depart, but remember that you two might still not ever contact each other again. Give your one-night stand a hug and a smile, don’t mention further dates.

Laugh about it

Don’t make it such a big deal, just laugh about what happened. This is a common thing so don’t make it something bigger than it is.

A one-night stand might be what you need! But if you don’t want to follow these rules and don’t like the hassle, consider hiring an Escort instead!